Inicio AGENDA CANCELADO (por problemas de salud): Primal Fear + Burning Witches + Scarlet...

CANCELADO (por problemas de salud): Primal Fear + Burning Witches + Scarlet Aura


Desde la promotora Madness Live nos comunican que debido a un problema de salud de uno de los miembros de Primal Fear, la gira queda cancelada. Adjuntamos enlace del comunicado de prensa.

«Informamos que la gira de Primal Fear ha sido cancelada debido a problemas de salud de un miembro de la banda».

Comunicado de la banda:

«Dear fans and friends of Primal Fear. We deeply regret to inform you that due to a serious illness issue the band has to cancel all shows booked for 2021 and 2022. At the moment we are not able to foresee when the band will continue what they love the most: playing shows. That´s why all tickets already bought need to get refunded.

Please stay with us in good faith and we’re gonna inform you as soon as we have more news to share. In the meantime please stay healthy!»

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